"A wonderful, sorrowful, compelling film.  From classrooms of fear and forced assimilation to the climatic standoff at Wounded Knee it is an essential chapter in the all-too-infrequently-told tale of those who can truly call this continent home"

- Ken Burns, Film maker

Directed by Lynn salt and David Mueller, the film tells the story of American Indian leader Dennis Banks and his fight to gain basic recognition for American & all Native Peoples. Michel Tyabji produced the music for and scored the film.  Rosa C. Tyabji mixed and edited the dialog and the film was mixed at Limitless Sky Studios, Hollywood.

"My first need was to learn from Dennis Banks himself.  Who better to ask for guidance?  He was there.  He did it.  He knows all the songs of the revolution.  He has acted in films, done albums and speaks to audiences daily.  Incredibly Dennis Banks agreed to come to LA, to stay with us & to work with me on the  music.  To say we feel honored is not enough.  It was a life changing experience. Dennis is an extreme talent, he can do whatever he feels like doing.  He sings beautifully and his Spirit translates effortlessly into music.  You will hear Dennis singing and drumming throughout the film and we used his melodies and feeling in every part of the film.  I also asked Techung La to join in and he too riffed off Dennis.  It feels fantastic to watch a revolution unfold on screen backed by the power of Dennis Banks, freedom fighter for Native people and Techung La, freedom fighter for the endangered Tibetan people.  David and Lynn, the directors, worked very closely with me.  Their guidance, patience and understanding has set the bar for me in terms of team work and artistic integrity.  I feel a great deal of love for them and look forward to many more projects with Lynn and David". - Michel Tyabji

A Good Day to Die is slated for release in Europe and non-English speaking countries in late 2011.  It's US, Canada and English speaking release has yet to be announced.

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