About Garikayi

Garikayi Tirikoti has been developing his unique take on the ancient Shona musical art, and his unusual 8-piece group, for over thirty years. Garikayi also creates the mbira in his home workshop, of various traditional tunings as well as his own creations, and is known for manufacturing some of the finest instruments available. He is a spiritual leader and teacher in his community in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.


"....spiritually charged music of Zimbabwe’s Shona people has inspired a worldwide cult following. Recordings of the mbira, a 22-iron-pronged hand piano, circulate among the faithful but rarely make it into record stores. This one, coming from a new label specializing in Tanzanian music, stands out from the pack. Tirikoti is a phenomenon, in part because he uses a range of mbiras in different tunings to expand the instrument’s sonic range and in part because he plays with amazing speed and precision.

- Banning Eyre