"Heyraneh’s unique style draws from ancient sacred melodies of people of Iran interwoven with mystic poetry of the region. Every song is focused on the root intention of Sufi thought, Yar - the Beloved.  Dynamic, ecstatic, spacious and transcendental, this album is an adventure whose destination is the same, whether listening in the car, on your yoga mat or at home".


"Heyraneh is  a Persian  poet and singer  who lives in Los Angeles. Her music emerges from the modal and poetic styles that can be found from Morocco to Uzbekistan and which are uniquely configured on the high plateaus of what was once the ancient Kingdom of the Medes. As a modern woman who has accepted the discipline of the mystic's path, each one of Heyraneh's musical offerings starts from an  intention to find the way which leads the listener to union with the divine,  expressed as "the Beloved" in the poetic works of Sufis throughout the ages- Geoffrey Clarflield, Director of Research and Development, Association for Cultural Equity 

Producers note.
"Rosa & I first heard Heyraneh accompanying a reading of Sufi poetry.  She was playing Tanbur and singing the poems.  We were spell bound and approached her as soon as the show was over.  Heyraneh was surprised that anyone would be interested in producing her music- after all, the spirit of Sufism occupies the realm of experience, not that of recorded media.  Nonetheless, she agreed to begin the process with us.  We hope you enjoy the results" -Michel Tyabji, Producer, Limitless Sky Records.