Ndala Kasheba is best known for his joyful soukous inflected music, that is, the bouncy, rippling dance music of Congo, his original home. What sets him apart is his delightful twelve string guitar playing, which quite literally doubles the pleasure. His music is well known in Africa, and word has it that if one journeys through a Tanzanian market, one¹s ears will be filled with the maestro¹s music. But in "Refugees" we find Kasheba in a more reflective mood, musing on the hardships of dislocation, and the need for a better future. He passed away in 2004, so this video has used scraps of performances woven into a collage to convey this lovely song.
The Maestro Ndala Kasheba is considered to be amongst the greatest guitarists and composers. This work features his unique 12 string acoustic guitar performance of fantastically lush African world fusion music.