The Future movie posterSundance 2011: The Future Movie Review


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"There are a lot of rhythmic elements in this film, and July’s sense of timing makes her brand of awkward comedy more pensive than uncomfortable.  This deliberate sense of timing is conveyed in the film’s music, editing, and most importantly, its dialogue.  Each character speaks with a different cadence.  The best example of this is from the late, non-actor Joe Putterlik. The elderly man speaks as if there is no punctuation in his lines.   This, combined with the softness of his voice adds a tenderness that relieves some of the uncomfortable awkwardness of the scenes which involve him.  It is a style that is unique, and practically trademarked to Miranda July."

We worked with Miranda July and the late Joe Putterlik and recorded the voice the above review is referring to.  In fact, this was the first voice over session conducted in our new N. Hollywood studio. 

The film has two voice over characters - a  cat who is waiting for adoption and the moon (Joe Putterlik).  Our recording sessions were a lot of fun because we really didn't know when Joe was at the beginning, middle or end of his lines.  Miranda July set up the sessions so that Joe's unique speaking style was nurtured, even amplified, a testament to Miranda's artistry, to her sensitivity and vision.