Urithi Arts

Our collective musical heritage is disappearing.    Our objectives is to address that.

In 1998 we partnered with the Government of Tanzania, Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Urithi Arts is the result of our collaboration.  

Our mission is to Preserve and Promote Tanzanian Music Heritage.


Urithi Arts




Urithi Arts Festival

Directed, photographed and edited by Ranjiv Kapour.

Urithi Arts Rough Mix’s, Audio Only.


As a child to UNICEF promoters and educators, I had the privilege of being part of advocacy and edification for the survival of communities around the World. Working with governments, civic leaders, celebrities, teachers, and corporations, music, theatre and visual arts were used to enhance the support for development.

I witnessed how musical heritage was disappearing, either through armed conflicts, natural disasters or other evolutionary factors. I have seen indigenous cultures in despair.  Survival of their music, a central part of their lives and development, is uncertian. Conservancy of Indian, Sudanese, Bhutanese, Native American, Tibetan, Yemeni and Somali cultures, among others, has been a continuous study.

In order to preserve the identity and history of villages in Africa, The Urithi Arts (Heritage Arts) project was was a music recording project of the ethnic music of Tanzania.  With the assistance of the Ministry of Education & Culture and the National Arts Council of Tanzania – BASATA (Swahili for Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa),  ethnic ensembles where selected including Kwere, Sukuma, Saramo, Ndegereko, Luguru, and Hehe. From these ethnic groups nine ensembles were recorded. 

The recordings were made at Makuti Studio in Dar Es Salaam. Intellectual property was throughly discussed. All ensembles signed recording agreements in Swahili and English.

I’m looking for Institutional support to preserve the music for forthcoming gernerations and move the project into completion.

I need help to:

1. Release a 9 album box set of this music.

2. Create a musical experience - a walk-in Dolby Atmos sound space and picture display, to be installed  museums and other public spaces including airports, libraries  &  educational institutions..

3.  Install  this  music  into  any  music  archive  interested  to  house  and  study  it. 

I believe it is important to increase and diffuse this knowledge for scholars and future generations. Urithi Arts distinguishes from other recordings in clarity and depth. The video and print materials are added bonuses. 


It is of deliberate importance to maintain the sustainability of traditions. It is a set of beliefs, morals and methods of human knowledge from which understanding of the present is achieved. I hope that with this work we help transmit knowledge from one generation to the next around the World.

Thank you for your Kindness.

In Gratitude,

Michel Tyabji